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    Taking advantage of long-term growth opportunities with private equity

Private equity: Focused on long-term investment success

In the private equity segment, there are many companies that generate convincing results through innovation, dynamism, and commitment. This offers promising earnings opportunities, especially for investors with a long-term focus.

LLB Private Equity focuses exclusively on investments in the private equity segment that are promising for the long term. We are convinced of the positive effect of active ownership. We also focus on profitable private companies and their commitment as well as their proven resilience as innovative SMEs. We trust in the dynamism and strength of a professional alignment of interests , which can contribute to an attractive increase in value for the long term.

For this purpose, we identify and create access to private equity managers with outstanding track records and credible prospects of success in the upcoming investment cycle. We pay attention to proven team qualities and rely on private equity managers who aim to acquire businesses that are both profitable and promising. In this context, we pay attention to product and process innovation, entering new markets, and seizing further growth opportunities. Equally important to us is organic development, which may be supported by carefully integrated acquisitions as appropriate. We use all these selection criteria to achieve an increase in value for the long term.

Our funds of funds include fund investments in primary and secondary situations and are partly based on co-investments. Overall, we aim for an attractive return level that is higher than the indices of listed mid-market companies and has low volatility.